Leading distributor of radiopharmaceuticals
and radioactive sources in Serbia
Foreign Trade Department is center licensed to carry on the wholesale trade in pharmaceutical and
chemical products, reproducible materials and equipment.
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Distribution of radiopharmaceuticals and radioisotopes of the Laboratory for radioisotopes 

Radionuclide generators:

  • Universal 99Mo/99mTc activity generator of 2-40 GBq


Radiofarmaceutical kits:

  • DTPA marking kit with 99mTc
  • Pyrophosphate marking kit with 99mTc
  • DMSA marking kit with 99mTc
  • Ciprofloxacin marking kit with 99mTc
  • MDP marking kit with 99mTc
  • MAA marking kit with 99mTc
  • Sn-colloid marking kit with 99mTc
  • EHIDA marking kit with 99mTc
  • MIBI marking kit with 99mTc
  • DPD marking kit with 99mTc
  • Antimony sulphide colloid marking kit with 99mTc
  • Alkaline DMSA marking kit with 99mTc


Radiopharmaceutical medicines:

  • Sodium iodide – Na131I solution
  • Sodium iodide – Na131I diagnostic capsules
  • Sodium iodide – Na131I therapy capsules
  • MIBG-131I solution for diagnostic application
  • Hipuran – 131I solution for diagnostic application
  • C-14 UREA kit for detection of Helicobacter pylori


Closed sources of radiation


Sources for industrial radiography needs:

  • 192Ir – activities up to 1.8 TBq
  • 75Se – activities up to 4 TBq


Sources for industry needs:

  • 60Co – activities up to 370 GBq
  • 137Cs – activities up to 1 TBq
  • 241Am – activities up to 740 GBq
  • 90Sr – activities up to 370 GBq
  • 85Kr – activities up to 370 GBq